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Magtel Phone Options

*All phone rates are subject to taxes and surcharges*
Magtel offers their customers optional calling features. Select the services that fit your needs for residence or business.
PHONE RATES Residential Line $9.56
Federal Subscriber Line Charge $6.50
Business Line $13.31
Federal Subscriber Line Charge $6.50
Calling Waiting Lets you know that another call is coming in. Cost $2.00 per month.
Cancel Call Waiting Option that lets you cancel call waiting when you make a call and you don't want to be interrupted.
Three-Way Calling You can talk to two people at the same time. Costs $2.00 per month.
Call Forwarding Send you incoming calls to another phone number. Cost $2.00 per month.
Speed Calling Store the phone numbers you call the most often. Cost $2.00 per month short version (8 numbers).
Costs $3.00 per month long version (30 numbers).
Bundle together Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Three-Way Calling, and Short Speed Calling for $7.00 per month.
Additional Lines and Listings Add a second line to free up the phone line when you have teens living in your home.
Add an extra name in the directory for you children. $.35 per month.
Call Number ID See the phone number calling before answering. Costs $4.95 per month
Automatic Call Back Keeps redialing busy number and tells you when the line is free.
Inside Wire Maintenance Cost $2.50
Video Maintenance If you have a problem with the video service, and a service person needs to come out, there won't be a charge. Cost $5.00
Voice Mail Cost $4.50 per month

We Sell or Rent

**If you would like a new or to just update your existing small business telephone system Magtel can meet your needs. We offer phone systems as small as four phones, and as large as you need for your business. These systems offer the most up-to-date features in the industry. Some of the features offered are integrated voice mail, auto answering attendant, easy call transfer, caller ID display, and man more. Magtel not only can sell or rent you a system, we can also install and maintain the system for you. Our qualified technicians are system certified to install, maintain, and upgrade the equipment. Call our business office for more information at 969-2211 or toll free at 800-478-8465.

National Do-Not-Call Registry

The Federal Trade Commission has established a National Do-Not-Call Registry for redisental consumers that do not wish to receive commerical solicitation over the phone. The National Registry will preclude telephone solicitations made by political organizations, charities, telephone surveyors, or companies with whom customers have an existing business relationship within the 18 months of registration. Registration is good for five years.
You may registar your residental telephone number or cell phone number(s) by calling the toll free number, 1-888-382-1222 and TTY access, 1-866-290-4236. The internet address for registration is
You may revoke such objection by calling the toll free number or by using the Internet access listed above.