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PURE DIGITAL TELEVISION 56 High Quality Music Channels
Exclusive Local Community Channel
Full Parental Control
Customizable Channel Guides
Local Service from a Provider you have trusted for over 70 years!
Additional Set-Top Boxes Rent: $10.00/month
PVR (Personal Video Recorder) $15.00/month
FREE INSTALLATION! with approved credit/ 2 year contract
We offer a $5.00 maintenance agreement

Magtel TV Packages Lifeline: 13 Channels $34.95
Basic Plus: 167 Channels $66.95/month (183 channels)
(Includes Lifeline Package)
HD Package: 13 Channels $11.98
(Available in certain areas)
Starz/Encore: 13 Channels $12.95
Showtime/TMC: 20 Channels $12.95

Bundle & Save Deals Double Play: Local Phone Service, Call Waiting, Caller ID, Basic Plus TV $78.45

Triple Play: Local Phone Service, Call Waiting, Caller ID, Basic Plus TV, DSL 768/256 $114.45

Home Run: Local Phone Service, Call Waiting, Cancel Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, 3-Way Calling, Caller Number Blocking, Automatic Call Back, Speed Dial, Caller ID, 2 Voice Mail Boxes, Voice Mail to Email, 100 Minutes of Long Distance, DSL 768/256, Basic Plus TV, Starz/Encore, Showtime/TMC $175.95

Reasons to Bundle & Save
*Local Customer Service
*Local install & repair
*Price discounts
*1 Monthly bill not 3!
PVR(Personal Video Recorder) is a service that Magtel will soon offer to its TV Customers.
PVR Service allows the user to record television programs to their set-top box. This service is similar to TiVo. You will be able to replay programs you have recorded at any time and even pause and rewind live TV.
Magtel strives to bring you the most up-to-date services at an affordable price.
***Magtel reserves the right to change the channel line-up & availablity without notice.
***For inquiries you can call our office at 479-969-2211 or Toll Free at 800-478-8465 or email us at